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New agenda for ISFiT

For the first time ever, a change of theme for ISFiT has been announced.

The international student festival was originally to be centred around labour as a central theme, but the tides have turned with a recent statement by ISFiT.

– ISFiT 2015 will focus on corruption. We believe this to be important, because corruption is a major obstacle to achieving a brighter future for young people all over the world, says the President of ISFiT, Marius Jones in a statement on their website.

The change of theme is a result of the experiences aquired during ISFiT 2013.

– Students from all over the world participate in ISFiT, and we found that they were focusing on corruption regardless of our original theme. Corruption is discussed in various settings, whether the topic is global trade, human development, the mitigation of poverty, or the environment, Jones says to

Like hand in glove

The festival will focus on solving problems related to the theme. As with earlier years, the participants will work together in workshops.

– Roughly 30 persons will participate each workshop and focus on a subject related to corruption. Here we will explore how corruption is an obstacle, and what can be done to combat it, says Jones.

Lately, the board have tried to increase awareness about corruption within the Norwegian educational system, and how to make educational institutions aware of the challenges posed by it. This spring the theme has made a triumphant return.

– We had a meeting and found the subject to be quite universal. People asked why we didn't choose this subject to begin with. This year's theme and ISFiT's mission go hand in glove.