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UKA and Rockheim work together to create historic display

An all-new exhibition at Rockheim will pay homage to the days past by presenting old revue posters and costumes, among other treasures.

This fall, UKA will be exploring new dimensions. In honour of the century milestone, the all new UKEutstilling opened its doors this Friday.

Visitors of the museum of Norwegian pop and rock music can now witness the complete array of UKA revue posters, from the year 1917 to 2015, as well as the revue costumes and medals, all retrieved from the wardrobes for a historical showcasing apt for the jubilee-year.

The UKEstilling occupies the room where Rockheim hosts their temporary exhibitions. Laid out neatly on the walls is the main attraction: the collection of UKA posters in its entirety. Although some of the older ones have been reprinted, the consistency of the exhibition has not suffered.

The colourful posters are jam-packed with cryptic symbolism, relating to a variety of events and movements typical to each era. The sharp-eyed will find words and numbers, messages and faces, all tucked away in plain sight. Information detailing the posters has also been made available.

A smooth co-operation

Benjamin Baumgärtel and Inger-Johanne Flatla are members of the Student Society’s (Studentersamfundet) archive. They, and other volunteers, have worked together with UKA and Rockheim to bring the historic exhibition to the public vicinity.

– The archive of Samfundet thought about arranging this exhibition because of the large amount of information we have on the festival and its history, and so we collaborated with UKA and Rockheim, says Flatla.

– This is our contribution to the celebration, continues Baumgärtel.

– On Rockheim’s part the co-operation was very simple. The archive came and brought the posters and we hung them up on the wall, the director of the museum, Sissel Guttormsen says.

This exhibition is not the first collaboration between Rockheim and the Students Society.

– A few years before 2010, when Rockheim was projected, we were trying to get material to showcase in the museum, and we contacted Samfundet. Their photo archive is lovely, and the sound archive was also very interesting to us as well as to the national library.

The UKEutstilling is now open and welcoming visitors until the end of the year.