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Fridays For Future has arrived in Trondheim

The students of Trondheim are joining the fight against climate changes.

Fridays For Future

In August 2018 Greta Thunberg (15) sat in front of the Swedish parliament every school day for three weeks in protest against the lack of action on the climate crisis.

From the 8th of September she decided so continue striking every Friday until the Swedish policies are able to provide a safe pathway well under 2-degree, in line with the Paris agreement.

Greta has been documenting her protest on Twitter and Instagram, and it soon went viral.

Since then about 370 local ruling political organs across the world have declared a climate emergency and students and youth in more than 40 countries are protesting every Friday.

Since the 8th of September 2018, Greta Thunberg (15) has been sitting in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday, protesting against the lack of action on the climate crisis. The Fridays For Future-movement has since then gone viral and every Friday students and youth from all over the world are protesting for the need of action. This Friday the movement came to Trondheim.

Arianna Guglielminotti is leader of the FridaysForFuture movement in Trondheim. She describes the movement as important because it shows how the entire world is connected to the concern of the climate crisis.

– The wellbeing of the earth and the climate is everyone’s responsibility. I am moved by how the youth from all over the world is taking action and care for their responsibility. We still have a little time to reduce the damages, let’s use this time properly, Guglielminotti argues.

Guglielminotti and her co-workers started planning the protest only ten days ago.

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Foto: Marte Sæther Ottesen
Arianna Guglielminotti, leader of the Fridays For Future movement in Trondheim argues that the wellbeing of the earth and the climate is everyone’s responsibility.

– I am really impressed that so many joined, she says.

She informs that they will continue to protest every Friday from now on. She hopes even more people will join in the future.

– Politicians keep giving promises, but until now we haven’t seen any real results. We will not stop protesting until they prove that they will keep their promises, Guglielminotti tells.

Wants to put greater pressure on Trondheim municipality

Guglielminotti tells that in the future the movement in Trondheim will fight to put a bigger pressure on NTNU and Trondheim municipality to declare an ultimate climate emergency.

– Governments in many other countries have declared a state of emergency, and so should Trondheim municipality. Individuals can make great contributions, but we need the politicians to make people aware of the crisis and to put the right people in charge to help solve the crisis, she argues.

She argues like Greta Thunberg that politicians are scared to make unpopular decisions. Yet she thinks it’s necessary to make changes to stop the climate crisis.

– I think people adapt well to changes, but it will be to hard regarding the consequences of the climate crisis, she argues.

– Important to protest every Friday until the politicians take action

The exchange students Elea Kunz, Valeria Merlo, Lea Stankiewics and Nora Joos intend to continue demonstrating every Friday.

Stankiewicz is an exchange student from Germany and is part of the organizing group of Fridays For Future in Trondheim.

– I felt frustrated when I saw my fellow students in Germany join the FridaysForFuture there, and that I couldn’t join them. Therefore, I wanted to join creating one in Trondheim, she explains.

Stankiewicz argues that it is important to join the movement to let the politicians know that students and the youth care deeply about the climate crisis.

– It is important to protest every Friday until the politicians take action, she says.

Merlo adds that the activism in several other countries have resulted in action from the politicians.

– The demonstrations have had major effects several countries such as France and Germany. This inspires us to do the same in Trondheim. We know we can make a change, she says.

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Foto: Marte Sæther Ottesen

No use of learning without a future

Joos argues that the demonstrations also are important on a personal level.

– I think a lot of people feel helpless when it comes to taking action themselves. Therefore, I think to join the demonstrations will help people feel empowered and that their actions are important.

Stankiewicz had a lecture today but decided to skip it in favour of the FridaysForFuture-protest.

– I just don’t see the value of learning something that I’m supposed to use in the future, if there won’t be one.